3 Ways to Endorse a Check

If you run a business and accept checks, endorsing is slightly different. The check is payable to the business—not to you, the individual who owns the business—so you need to sign on behalf of the business. Anybody else who endorses these checks needs to be authorized to handle funds for the company. To endorse a check, sign your name on the back and include any additional details required to process the check efficiently.

  • When writing a check to the IRS, you’ll need to include the standard check information on it and some other required information.
  • This is an easier alternative to depositing the original check addressed to you, and then writing a new one to pay someone else (i.e., a supplier, a vendor, etc.).
  • These rules ensure the validity of the check and protect the parties involved.
  • Because this is an insecure way to send money from person to person, some banks might not accept the check.
  • Check with your bank to find out if they need a special mobile endorsement.

You can use a check made out to you to pay someone else by telling the bank to pay it to that individual. You can also use a blank endorsement and tell the bank teller https://kelleysbookkeeping.com/ in person where you’d like the money to go. Despite being the most secure method of endorsement, there is one issue that may come with a restrictive endorsement.

Step 2: Look For The Endorsement Area On The Back Of Your Check

This method specifically instructs the bank that the check should be deposited into the account identified in the endorsement. Whether you are taking the check directly to the bank or if a friend is taking the check to your bank for you, we recommend that you use this method as a more secure option. That said, if it’s essential that you get paid quickly, it is safest to endorse checks properly and thoroughly. Even if your bank allows you to deposit a check, that check could come back in several weeks, resulting in the bank removing those funds from your account until everything gets cleared up. To do so, write «For deposit only to account #####» (using your account number), along with your signature. If the check gets lost or stolen, it’s more difficult for thieves to get your money—they’ll need to alter the endorsement.

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Always Double-check Your Check

An authorized individual must endorse a check on behalf of the company in this case. You must specify the financial institution and intend to deposit the check remotely. There are two spots on the check where you’ll write the payment amount. The first is in the box in the middle of the right-hand side, just after the recipient’s name, where you’ll write the amount numerically (e.g., “$50.50”). The second is on the long line below the recipient’s name, where you’ll write out the amount in words (e.g., “Fifty and fifty cents” or “Fifty and 50/100”). This helps the bank clarify the total amount in case either the words or number amounts are hard to decipher.

Endorsing a Check to a Third Party

In this article, we will just focus on how to endorse a check in the U.S. While this seems easy enough, there are several ways you can endorse a check, depending on what you’re doing with it. Once you’ve filled out your check, you’d mail it and other required documents to the address provided by ABC Electric. Writing a check isn’t tricky, but there are things to keep in mind to ensure the check will be valid. Bankrate follows a strict
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Who needs to endorse a check?

These can delay how long it takes for your bank to process a check and they can even prevent your bank from doing so altogether. A check number — located in the upper and lower right corners of a check — designates which check you’re using out of the series of checks in your checkbook. Located in the upper and lower right corners of the check, the check number is used for tracking.

To make a qualified endorsement, write “without recourse” on the back of the check and then sign your name on the line below. When endorsing a check, make sure that you follow the instructions on the back of the check. Endorsing a check is a simple process that can protect your https://business-accounting.net/ financial and banking security. Whether for a birthday, holiday or other special occasion, you’ve probably received a check from a family friend or loved one. While many people have moved on to mobile payments like Venmo and PayPal, some still prefer checks when gifting money.

You might receive a check as a gift, a reimbursement or even certain types of payments. Regardless how you’ll get it, you’ll need to know how to endorse it, as the check receiver, to ensure that the money is https://quick-bookkeeping.net/ deposited into your account. This marking is equivalent to writing the phrase “For deposit only” on the bank check. The bank would of course require the bank account number to be stated on the bank check.

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